Custom Panels
Often a wall panel will require a non-standard feature, such as a security key lockout, sliders or custom engraving or sizing. Options are available in both the Revolution (DRP & DRPE) Series and the Classic stainless steel (DPN & DPNE) ranges.
Provides dry contact inputs to the control panel micro-processor board. Commonly used to lock out the functionality of a panel so that only authorised users can access the panel, or a particular function. They are generally used for partition control, panic switches or panel enable/disable.

Mechanical Fader
Faders are used to control the level of an individual channel, or as a ‘master’ fader to control an entire room or area. The position of the fader gives a visual indication of the light level. Preset scenes are programmed by adjusting light levels using the faders, then pressing and holding the corresponding scene button for several seconds.

Button Fader
Provides individual channel level control, combined with the flexibility to allow ‘join’ of fader panels.

Network Socket
An RJ12 socket that facilitates connection of a computer to the DyNet network.

Infrared Input
Provides the functionality of a wired panel from a handheld remote control, such as the Dynalite DTK500 range, or third party learning IR remotes (available in 9 series panels only).

Custom Engraving
Panel engraving is used to clarify the functionality of a panel using words or diagrams. Engraving is available in black or white lettering, either on button caps or the panel fascia. Each button cap can accommodate up to seven characters.