Load Controllers
Acting as the heart of the automation system, the Philips Dynalite range of load controllers can directly drive the different lighting groups within projects. By supporting a variety of different style and capacity of units, this allows the system to be compatible with any lamp type. All Philips Dynalite load controllers have evolved to perform in the realities of the lighting control and automation systems environment.

Each device has been engineered with over capacity drive components so they can be installed with confidence. Philips Dynalite load controllers are the ideal choice for combining feature rich lighting control requirements with superior build quality to continuously perform problem-free.

All load controllers support an industry-standard RS485 port to communicate with other devices on the DyNet network. Other third-party devices can use this same port to communicate with the devices. Each dimmer supports a large range of commands such as panic, room join, mutable area addressing and many others. More information regarding the DyNet protocol can be found in technical documentation. Additional options within load controller devices are available on request. A combination of load controller devices can be selected to work together to achieve common project goals.