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EnvisionTouch comfortably exceeds most clients’ smart-home control requirements, while customers who want a unique and finely tuned, bespoke user interface for their office as well as the home can turn to DynamicTouch for a completely tailored solution. Together, EnvisionTouch and DynamicTouch deliver unprecedented levels of choice and control into the hands of the end-user.

EnvisionTouch and DynamicTouch have been designed to deliver intuitive and effortless control for smart home and commercial control applications alike. Sharing very similar levels of operability, the two products are aimed at distinctly different customer requirements.

  • EnvisionTouch and DynamicTouch provide a single remote point of control for lighting, climate control and more.
  • Both provide Wi-Fi remote control for any application.
  • Allow users the flexibility of controlling all automated processes from anywhere, anytime.
  • Individual lighting levels can be adjusted then saved, to be recalled at a later date.
  • Buttons are custom labeled.
  • Connects via the Philips Dynalite Ethernet gateway.








EnvisionTouch / DynamicTouch – points of difference

Smart Phone Apps for iphone, Android and iPad


  • Available in two versions: iOS for Apple devices; and Android format for Android devices.
  • Self-configuring application with standardized templates and functionality to speed up and simplify commissioning & installation processes.



  • Available for Apple devices only.
  • Fully customizable app for home or commercial control.

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